Quarter Trim Pocket Band

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The Quarter Trim Pocket Band (#62585-08010), a genuine Toyota Autoparts body piece, plays an essential role in the Inside Trim Board system. This band functions as a securing element, keeping the trim pocket firmly attached to the vehicle's interior structure, thus preventing any unnecessary movements or dislodging. As with other parts, the Quarter Trim Pocket Band (#62585-08010) can wear out over time. If left unchecked, it could become loose or break, which might cause the trim pocket to detach, leading to potential safety risks or decreased cabin efficiency. Toyota backs all their genuine parts with a warranty, so using Toyota's original parts also aids in effortless compatibility with your vehicle. The Quarter Trim Pocket Band (#62585-08010), albeit a minor part, contributes significantly to the overall vehicle safety and interior aesthetics.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 62585-08010

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