Hazard Wiring Bulb

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The Hazard Wiring Bulb (#84999-10420), a key component in Toyota's Electrical Overdrive & Electronic Controlled Transmission, Electrical Switch & Relay & Computer, and Electrical Traction Control systems, performs a crucial role in ensuring the correct operation of your vehicle's hazard lights. This component communicates vital information to the driver and others on the road, enhancing safety. The bulb functions by receiving an electrical current when the hazard switch is engaged, illuminating to indicate the vehicle's status. Over time, the bulb can become dim or fail completely due to material degradation or wiring issues. This necessitates regular replacement to prevent compromised visibility, which can lead to accidents. Genuine Toyota parts maintain your vehicle's compatibility and are supported by the Toyota genuine parts warranty. The Hazard Wiring Bulb (#84999-10420) contributes significantly to overall vehicle safety, underscoring its importance in these systems.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 84999-10420

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