Windshield Header Panel Damper

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The Windshield Header Panel Damper (#63126-33020), a vital component in the Roof Panel & Back Window Glass system, is responsible for providing cushioning and absorbing shock. Specifically, it helps to dampen vibrations and noise that may be caused when the vehicle is in motion. This damper part interfaces directly with the windshield and header panel of your Toyota, ensuring a seamless fit and optimized performance. Genuine Toyota parts like this, are known for their compatibility with specific vehicle models. Over time, the damper may wear out or become damaged, losing its effectiveness in attenuating noise and vibrations. This could lead to increased noise levels and a less comfortable driving experience. Moreover, a damaged damper may also compromise the integrity of adjacent parts. Hence, periodic replacement is recommended. Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs all genuine parts, offering peace of mind to customers. The Windshield Header Panel Damper (#63126-33020) is not just a part; it is an assurance of comfort and performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 63126-06030
Part Number 63126-33020

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