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The Olive (#96395-71400), an essential auto part for Toyota vehicles, plays a vital role in the Drive-Chassis Oil Cooler & Tube (Automatic Transmission) system, the Engine-Fuel Fuel Pipe & Clamp system, and the Engine-Fuel Fuel Pump & Pipe system. This component aids in maintaining proper fluid flow and pressure through various systems, contributing directly to the operational efficiency of the vehicle. Utilizing genuine Toyota parts like the Olive (#96395-71400) ensures compatibility with your vehicle. Moreover, Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs these OEM parts, offering peace of mind with every purchase. Periodic replacement of the Olive (#96395-71400) is necessary as a worn-out, clogged or broken Olive (#96395-71400) may disrupt fluid flow, adversely affecting the performance and safety of the vehicle. A properly functioning Olive (#96395-71400) enhances the overall effectiveness of the associated systems, promoting smooth vehicle operation and longevity.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 23801-60170;23801-60151;23801-60152;23801-61010;23801-60142;23801-60140;90410-08004;23801-60141;23802-60050;23801-60150;23802-61010 More
Part Number 96395-71400

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