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The Significance of Utilizing Toyota Owner Portfolio Genuine Parts

The Scion-branded first aid kit is a handsome, soft-sided, portfolio-style zippered case that’s designed to be kept in the vehicle’s glove box. The kit helps ensure owners always have a practical assortment of first aid supplies at hand to take care of minor cuts and injuries.

Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52040;PT420-52110;PT420-52040 More
Part Number PT420-74150

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