Wave Washer

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The Wave Washer (#90206-14048), an integral component of the Engine-Fuel part category in Toyota's Timing Chain system, serves a pivotal role in maintaining the optimal operation of the engine. This crucial component operates by creating a load between two surfaces, acting as a shock absorber, and facilitating controlled movements. As the washer ages, it can lose its ability to function efficiently, potentially leading to uncontrolled movements within the Timing Chain system. This can cause possible damage, affecting the overall performance of the engine. Using genuine Toyota parts, like the Wave Washer (#90206-14048), is recommended for vehicle compatibility. These genuine parts are also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering additional peace of mind. In conclusion, a well-functioning Wave Washer (#90206-14048) contributes to the overall efficiency of the engine and ensures the safety and longevity of the Timing Chain system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90206-14048

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